1st network of Montessori
nurseries & kindergartens

Montessori NeoKids

Formerly HeidiDom, Neokids is the first network of Montessori nurseries & kindergartens in France, pedagogy today recognized worldwide for the development of children.

The objective of Montessori Worldwide is to develop the 1st international network of Montessori nurseries and kindergartens, equipped with a mobile application to follow the activities and development of every child.

The Montessori NeoKids commitment

Montessori NeoKids is committed to ensuring the safety, well-being and development of children, as well as to promoting the development of their autonomy, their senses and their intelligence thanks to a suitable environment and a team of qualified professionals in early childhood, all trained in Montessori pedagogy.

A safe and fulfilling institution for children

An educational project that promotes autonomy, awakening and well-being

Experienced and qualified professionals, all trained in Montessori pedagogy

A secure and fulfilling environment

The Montessori teaching material allows the child to develop his concentration, his autonomy, intelligence, language and senses.

Wood and raw materials are in a spirit of "nature" brightened by many touches of color and decorative elements.

The Neokids educational project

The educational project set up in Neokids crèches is based on Montessori pedagogy, which promotes the awakening of the senses, the self-confidence, the autonomy and the intelligence of the child.

Neokids pays particular attention to the children's nutrition by offering meals with BIO products validated by an expert in infant nutrition.

Neokids nurseries are part of a genuine quality and environmental approach for the well-being and development of children.

A team of experienced professionals

Experienced and qualified professionals constantly pay their benevolent attention to the children, all of ours professionals are trained in Montessori pedagogy on an ongoing basis:

  • A school leader (Junior Educator Diploma - EJE)
  • Auxiliary childcare (Diploma of State Auxiliary Childcare - DEAP)
  • Auxiliary assistants (CAP Early Childhood)