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1st network of Montessori nurseries & kindergartens

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In the next 3 years, Montessori NeoKids aims to create 1,800 nursery places, in France and in Europe.


Your job

  • Offer a quality welcome, allow children to flourish in the best conditions,
  • Optimizing the occupancy rate of your nursery,
  • Optimize the costs and profitability of your structure,
  • To be the guarantor of the image of our network.

Our expertise

  • Ensure the training of your staff and the layout of your nursery,
  • Help from our sales team to improve the booking of your cribs,
  • Central purchasing office to offer you the best possible rates,
  • A communication service at your disposal.

Your investment in creation

  • Entrance fee: 20,000 € excl tax
  • Montessori training, initial and continuous (4 people): 4500 € excl tax
  • Operating fee: 2.5% of sales
  • Communication fee: 1% of sales
  • Global investment: from € 150,000 before tax for 10 bcx

From the second year of operation, a nursery with 10 cradles achieves a turnover of 180,000 euros per year,

and an EBITDA (gross operating surplus) of 18,902 euros per year on average

(source: Xerfi according to Clerks of Commercial Courts)

Our team can assist you in your efforts to obtain grants allocated by the State.

The Montessori NeoKids franchise offers you:

  • A strong brand, based primarily on the application of Montessori pedagogy.
  • Solid support at each stage of the establishment of the nursery, and throughout its existence.
  • Access to Montessori training for all members of your team.
  • A central purchasing office ensuring supply at the best price and under the best conditions.
  • Network communication ensuring the notoriety of the brand and its principles.

Montessori NeoKids tools

  • A team specializing in Nursery Engineering at your service.
  • A communication department to promote the brand.
  • Help with administrative management: support in finding premises, help in obtaining grants, assistance in recruitment.
  • A central purchasing office allowing you to optimize your costs, logistics and the quality of your equipment.
  • Ongoing training for all of your teams in Montessori pedagogy.
  • Regular meetings with other franchisees to share your experiences and acquire additional skills.

Our values

Montessori NeoKids was born from the passion and expertise of a team of early childhood professionals, experienced in the creation and management of childcare facilities.

Convinced that the nursery should offer much more to families than a childcare solution, the founders of the network wanted to make Montessori pedagogy accessible to everyone.

The Montessori NeoKids network has an operation, a philosophy and development projects different from its competitors. It cannot therefore be compared to other nursery networks.

Our values




The main axes of the educational project

The Montessori pedagogy, today unanimously recognized by professionals in early childhood as well as by research by neuroscientists, develops the child's intelligence and promotes his well-being and development.

Sensory and natural environment

Respect of the rhythm and the individuality of the child

Development of autonomy and

Freedom of games and movements within a defined framework

Careful and warm

Importance given to language development

Development of the hand and the senses of the child

Material meeting the needs of sensory explorations

Confidence parents / professionals around the child

Join the 1st network of Montessori nurseries

Opening a nursery is more than a professional project, it is a real life project.

Beyond your professional objective, you engage in a social approach by creating jobs, and by offering families the most important service in their eyes: a reassuring and fulfilling reception for their child.

By joining Montessori NeoKids, benefit from the expertise of the 1st network of Montessori nurseries in France, in all stages of your project, then in the daily management of your structure.

More than a place in a nursery, a place in the world

The nursery market in France

758,000 births in France in 2018

Less than 60% of the need for nursery places covered in France

450,000 missing nursery places in France

The creation of nurseries is regulated in France. The State supports and subsidizes the creation of nurseries if they meet the criteria set up by the Family Allowance Funds.

The story of Montessori NeoKids

  • Creation of the Heididom network by a team of early childhood experts.
  • Opening of the first nurseries under the Heididom brand.
  • Opening new own nurseries and developing a management team. In November 2019, Heididom became Montessori NeoKids and affirmed its desire to open up to franchising and to national and international development.
  • More than 20 openings of nurseries and launch of franchises are planned throughout France.

Séverine GAUVIN

Responsable developpement Franchise

Depuis 12 ans, Séverine accompagne les porteurs de projets en entreprenariat. 10 ans à la tête d’une société d’agencement spécialisée dans le commerce, puis deux ans en développement de réseaux de franchises.


Educational Director

Author of numerous books on Montessori published all over the world, Sylvie has acquired an international reputation.

She is responsible for the largest Montessori training center in Europe and owner of many schools in France.

Nous contacter


Séverine GAUVIN : 06 45 74 23 68


23 Balzac street 75008 PARIS


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